New Caledonia is a jewel of the Pacific for its unique and preserved biodiversity. The 1,291,9970 km2 Coral Sea natural park is one of the largest in the world.

Marine Reserves: As part of sustainable development, the Southern province provides you with developed sites (campgrounds, farés, fire pitches) in natural reserves. Some areas are devoted to protect wildlife.

As a general rule, here are some guidelines to limit our impact

Corals are very fragile living organisms, be careful not to damage them by walking on them or stepping on with your fins, especially at low tide. Remember to apply the sun cream half an hour before bathing, to prevent it from spreading too much in the water and impacting the coral.

Many colonies of seabirds, some of which are in danger of extinction (sterns) nests on the islands, be careful not to walk or place your tents on birds nests (holes in the ground).

Sea snakes, “tricot rayé”, rather harmless, are protected by the environmental code, watch them without disturbing! Their venom is still more powerful than the Cobra’s.

If you have the chance to meet sea turtles during your dives, observe them without disturbing and don’t cling to them.

Vegetation on some islands is very fragile. It stabilizes soils, especially during cyclones. Do not damage it, do not cut wood, be careful to respect the designated areas reserved for wildlife.

Bring back your rubbish with you (plastics, cigarette butts…)

Help us preserve this unique heritage, we count on you!