Signal Island

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  • Le signal de l'îlot Signal
  • Une vue de l'îlot Signal (Photo: Gecka)
  • 30 minutes 30 minutes
  • Nature reserve. Nature reserve.
  • Snorkeling. Snorkeling.
  • Camping allowed. Camping allowed.
  • Campfires allowed. Campfires allowed.

Located not far from Dumbéa Pass, it was here that Captain (Navy) Louis Tardy de Montravel had a triangular pyramid made of wood and corals, 10 m high, which served as a signal (hence his name) for ships heading to Port-de-France (Nouméa).

A specially designed hiking trail allows you to walk around the island and discover all its facets, including an interior lagoon and a dry forest, but be careful not to frighten the seabirds along the way!

On the lagoon side you can discover a great diversity of corals and more than 150 species of fish while swimming in the middle of turtles.

In addition to being an exceptional site for its biodiversity, you will enjoy magnificent white sandy beaches or a break in the shade of a faré or one of the many trees of the island.

  • Adults (from 12 years old): 4,500 XPF (38€)
  • Children (from 2 years old): 3,000 XPF (26€)
  • Babies (less than 2 years old): Free